Back to Home Base

Sitting outside in the bright, yet gentle mid-morning sunlight. Incense lit, second cup of coffee in hand. I’ve watered herbs and refilled the bird feeder. I’m watching my beloved Poe stalk a squirrel and listening to a red-bellied woodpecker knock on the utility pole at the corner of our backyard.


So it is, and so I let it be. This is it, and it’s enough. 

I tend to overthink and overcomplicate things, such that much of life feels fast and pinched, and there’s precious little room left for joy. Now that the mostly secular hoopla of the fall and winter holidays has passed, thank Goddess, it’s time to return to home base and daily practice.

Just what are my daily practices, then? Coming out here to my home base to ground. My prayer for protection at the front door, before I leave for work or other activities outside the home. Gratitude journaling. These practices are enough, to sustain my spirit on a daily basis, and I hereby recommit.

Speaking of which, returning to home base this morning offered me the opportunity to notice quite a few sow thistle seedlings coming up in the backyard. These two are for lunch:


One thought on “Back to Home Base

  1. Your dog looks like a bit of a character! I love returning to home and routines after holidays or trips away. A break now and then is good, but too much can leave me drained and frazzled.

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