January Super Blue Moon Tea: Cleavers

Our view from Austin of the super, blue, blood moon early this morning was clouded over, alas. But once the clouds cleared, I continued my monthly wildcrafted tea practice with cleavers. Here it’s called “sticky weed;” my children and their friends love to pick it and throw it at each other or stick it to each other’s backs. Other names for cleavers include “Velcro weed” and “backpacker’s colander,” since a bundle of it could be used as a strainer in a pinch.


Easy to ethically forage enough for tea, when there’s this much cleavers.


About 1/2 C young leaves and stems, roughly chopped, then steeped, covered, in 2 C hot water for 10 minutes. IMPORTANT: Don’t eat cleavers raw. It has to be cooked, or it will stick to your throat, just as it does your clothes.


Strained (smells earthy green, like spinach). As you might guess, cleavers is a good source of vitamin C.


Lightly sweetened with local honey. My daughter, who is home sick with the flu, described the flavor as “grassy.”


Sticky weed brew served.


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