Notes on Spring Equinox 2018

Happy High Spring! Today I walked with Poe and observed what’s happening outside. The Austin sky is sunny and breezy today, with temperatures only in the 60s F, and thank all the gods, no packages except those that I ordered have been delivered to our front door.

Early spring bloomers like henbit and chickweed now look leggy and wilted, but spiderwort, wind flower, fleabane, bluebonnet, paintbrush, and pink evening primrose have begun to bloom. Redbud continues to bloom, and mountain laurel, too, perfuming the breeze with the scent of grape soda laced with jasmine.


Live oaks are shedding last season’s leaves and unfurling new growth. A pair of screech owls has taken up residence in one of the live oaks in our front yard.


I’ve observed lots of grackle, robin, cardinal, bluejay, wren, and white-winged dove activity lately, too.

Our limestone creeks and springs are flowing with spring rainfall. My children report their first mosquito bites of the warm season. During a hike on Sunday along Bull Creek, I saw a dragonfly patrolling the air and these swallowtail butterflies puddling:


Snap peas, radishes, and chard are pushing up in the backyard garden, and parsley threatens to take over the entire bed. Nathan and I started a batch of homemade sauerkraut over the weekend with a couple of crisp cabbages from the farmer’s market, and in another week or two, it will be time to filter the chickweed-infused olive oil that I started earlier in the month.


(My plan is to make a chickweed and lavender salve for summer bug bites and sunburns.)

Last night Nathan, the kids, and I participated in a group tarot ritual in celebration of the equinox. I chose to do a two-card spread for myself using the Gilded Tarot, on the theme of a new project for the months ahead. First I pulled the Eight of Swords, then the Wheel of Fortune.


The woman in the GT Eight of Swords kneels, but no one forces her to, and she wears chains only lightly wrapped around her wrists. She could stand, allow the chains to fall, and remove her blindfold, if she so chose; she is a prisoner of her own mind. One of the other readers at last night’s ritual suggested a “too many choices” interpretation for the card, and that worked really well, together with X, Wheel of Fortune. Too many choices. Don’t overthink it, just make one, any one. Make a choice at random, even.

I hadn’t read tarot cards in years, but after last night’s ritual, I’m re-inspired and hooked both on group tarot and on reading with kids. The four kids at the table offered some of the most observant, insightful readings, which I found delightful and completely unsurprising by turns. The point of tools like tarot, as I see it, is to communicate with Younger Self, and kids are so much closer by age and experience to Younger Self.

What is Nature doing in your part of the World right now? How are you celebrating this moment on the Wheel? May your spring be rich with new growth and delight, dear readers.


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