Weedwalking for Imbolc

Here in Central Texas, where our winters are short and mild, Imbolc marks the beginning of spring, making this the perfect time of year to go weedwalking. If you know what you’re looking for, there are quite a few wild edibles out there right now.

Texas filaree, for example:


Or henbit growing together with wild onions:


This morning I noticed lots of chickweed, dandelion, wild lettuce, and cleavers, too.

Weedwalking gets me outside, where I’m generally happiest, and invites me to slow down and pay attention to my sensory experience of the many plants with whom I share the environment.

Attention, I believe, is holy.

Weedwalking is not for sale, so no need to buy manufactured foraging kits, and it’s about much more than finding food. I’ll save you the disappointment of discovering yourself that, unless you’re lucky enough to come across wild strawberries, most foraged foods are not even especially tasty.

Except for this one, chile pequin:


Score! Picked a few, said thank you, and headed home. Time to make chili.



5 thoughts on “Weedwalking for Imbolc

  1. Summers short and mild? haha On that I will just have politely to disagree. But I am in total agreement about wandering through wild spaces and offering my attention as a holy practice. You were pretty lucky to still see chile pequins! The birds around here gobble them up.

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