Spring Equinox Spell


“All spells at their heart are either saying please or thank you,” according to solitary Pagan witch Tylluan Penry, and I’m inclined to agree. Here’s a simple spell for saying please on Spring Equinox.

Before beginning, decide who you’ll ask, and where you’ll do the asking. Then make an altar, but don’t overdo it. At a minimum you’ll need a candle and supplies for the spell: seeds, soil, water, and a biodegradable container to use as a planter for each person participating. (In our upcoming Spring Equinox circle for First UU Pagan Alliance, we’ll make planters from empty toilet paper rolls.) Have pencils or markers on hand, too. 

First ground. Then light the candle and say, “This candle represents hearth fire. I light it now and bring the flame of wisdom into my spell.”

You may wish to say something like, “This is my sacred hearth, where I am going to ask for aid on Spring Equinox. I ask that my gods/Spirit/the Universe witness this ritual.”

Consider a change you’d like to make, a perspective or behavior you’d like to change, or a goal you’d like to achieve. Be specific, and choose something achievable to which you’re willing to commit time and effort. Holding your intention in mind, draw symbols of intention on the planter, plant the seeds, and say the spell:

As the nights shrink down,

So this seed goes underground.

By the seed and by the root,

By the shoot and by the flower,

As the daylight grows in power,

So the thing I wish grows strong.*

Water the newly planted seeds, and say thank you to whomever you addressed your request for aid. Now’s the time to make an appropriate offering.

Your seeds won’t sprout, of course, if you neglect them after saying the spell. Neither will your intention take root, if you’re not willing to work for it yourself.

In the name of the Bee–

And the Butterfly–

And the Breeze**– May it be so!


* I like to cite my sources, but this one’s difficult to identify. It’s an adaptation of a spell that might have come from the blog Hearth and Home Witchery, but I can’t find the original post.

**A benediction by Emily Dickinson that I picked up from Laura Perry, who practices Modern Minoan Paganism.

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