The magic of daily practice

I’ve had neither time nor energy to do focused spiritual work since Spring Equinox, much less write about it. Both personal and professional life have felt overwhelming in recent weeks. Personally I’ve been attending to ongoing recovery from family-of-origin issues; adapting to the parenting tasks at hand, as my children grow and develop into tweenagers; and trying to be present as a partner, friend, and community member. Professionally, I’ve been adapting to a new role in a new environment of care with very little training.

Times like these, I’m wildly grateful for the powerful magic of daily practice. My entire spiritual practice lately has consisted of walking outside daily with Poe and saying my threshold prayer when I leave the house in the morning. That’s it. It’s not sustainable, but it’s been enough, to remind me that I’m always in relationship with the interdependent web of all existence, and that I’m not responsible for turning the wheel of the year or loving this world alone.


Happy May Day, dear readers! Are you celebrating?

I shared a shower with my love this morning and later joined him for a special lunch. I walked outside with Poe. I observed bees tending firewheels, found a snail hiding in a patch of wild violets, and glimpsed fireflies igniting and a bat hunting at dusk. The first prickly pear blooms have opened here in Austin, and we’re expecting thunderstorms sometime this week.


Now at my home shrine with candle and incense lit, I’m offering and praying to ancestors for their guidance and support–I could use it right now–and raising a glass to life in full bloom.


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